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“Life at Sarens is like taking an open book exam.”

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Wim Charita

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Fleet Manager Technical Solutions



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Sarens Projects - HUB 2

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Wim is a driven do-er, deeply passionate about mechanics, hydraulics, and technical subjects in general. After graduating as an Engineer in Electro-Mechanics, he started at Sarens and shaped his own career. Now serving as a Fleet Manager, he thrives and keeps the Technical Solutions fleet up and running at all times, together with his team. With dedication and flexibility, always coupled with good humor and positivity, he tackles technical challenges. A born teacher who is always up for sharing his knowledge. In his spare time he enjoys walks with his dog, and working on his steam trains!

How did you end up at Sarens?

On my way to my hobby (working on trains), I always passed by Sarens in Belgium on the A12. I didn’t really know what Sarens did, but I saw the big cranes standing there and they intrigued me. The application process was very fast… I think they must have thought: “Okay, he is working with big machines (trains) in his spare time, so he must belong here”. I had applied with two companies and received offers from both, but I chose Sarens simply because it felt right.

"I chose Sarens simply because it felt right"

Can you briefly describe your career at Sarens?

I have a Master’s in Engineering (Electro-Mechanics), and immediately after graduating in 2007, I joined Sarens. In theory, I started as a Project Engineer, but in practice, I began as a Blue Collar worker on site as part of a training trajectory. After 6 months, I transitioned to the role of a real Project Engineer, responsible for the preparation and execution of heavy lifting projects worldwide for about 4 to 5 years. However, I felt I lacked proficiency in that role. They must have seen something in me, because when they heard I was considering other opportunities, they created a new position for me as an Equipment Engineer, which I held for 8 years. Currently, I've been serving as Fleet Manager Technical Solutions for approximately 5 years.

What does a “Fleet Manager Technical Solutions” do?

As a Fleet Manager Technical Solutions (TS), I lead a great team of Equipment Engineers, which I also refer to as “Nutty Professors”. Together, we serve as the experts of the equipment of the Technical Solutions department, such as SPMTs, jacking systems, gantries, skidding systems, SGCs… We ensure that these impressive machines continue to operate at all times! This involves analysing technical issues, troubleshooting, conducting maintenance, providing guidance and training, and even designing new materials or optimising existing equipment. It’s a role that offers ongoing engagement due to the diverse range of technical challenges (hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, electronic, etc.), and the variety of tasks and locations involved.

"We serve as the experts of the equipment of the TS department"

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What is your favourite equipment of Sarens and why?

Each equipment we’ve made ourselves. In many ways, Sarens is a pioneer in designing machinery that is both: more compact and capable of handling larger loads. For example the SGC-250 (Sarens Giant Crane 250 or Big Carl) and the CS250 (Sarens Climbing System 250).

What do you like/dislike most about your job?

What I like the most about my job is the constant variety. You might think you have everything designed or planned out to prevent certain issues, but then unexpected challenges arise… It’s always something different: diversity in equipment, projects, technical challenges and issues, clients, stakeholders… For example, we’ve built 4 Sarens Giant Cranes (SGCs) but never exactly the same (e.g. on a shorter timeline or completely electric or…). It’s truly never the same, and that’s what makes it enjoyable. There’s no room for routine or boredom; every day present new challenges and opportunities. Not everyone will find it amusable but this ever-changing landscape keeps me engaged and sharp; I thrive on the challenge.

No matter how you look at it, being involved in a project and having the opportunity to visit the site and see it firsthand is incredibly rewarding. I believe, every project engineer takes pride in their work. For instance, Peter Keyen practically knows Germany through the bridges he's helped install there. I remember weighing the Antwerp Port House before its crane lift. I'll never forget that! Of course, there are challenges along the way, but part of the job is also finding solutions. #Nothing too heavy, Nothing too high.

"Every day present new challenges and opportunities."

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What do you like/dislike about Sarens as an employer?

Sarens is a multinational company with the ethos of a family business. The Sarens family works with the utmost passion and dedication, and that mentality resonates through the entire company. I always feel like this is something unique, something I couldn’t find anywhere else on this level. That’s one of the reasons why I couldn’t imagine myself functioning in another company. The pace at which things move reflects the typical nature of a family-owned enterprise: dynamic and with swift decision-making. It may not suit everyone, but for those who can handle it and thrive in such an environment, it can be the best time of their lives!

Despite significant growth and the addition of more co-workers providing support, the sense of responsibility remains deeply ingrained. Every employee takes ownership, because they understand the consequences and the impact if they don’t. It’s all about problem-solving and taking initiative, which contribute to the satisfaction of working here.

I’ve had the opportunity to shape my role within the company, because I was given the freedom to do so. If you have the passion and drive, they’ll recognize it and support you every step of the way!

"Sarens is a multinational company with the ethos of a family business."

So, you’ve experienced “own your future” at Sarens yourself?

Yes, definitely! Everyday! You get a lot of opportunities at Sarens but you need to seize it yourself. If you are stuck with small projects, than it’s because you like to do that or you are not owning your future enough at Sarens. If you show the dedication and the ownership, they will give you the chance to take on bigger challenges. There is room for growth at Sarens. Sarens is one of the few companies I think that doesn’t necessarily prioritize degrees (sometimes it’s necessary of course), but rather focuses on individuals’ capabilities. You don't have to be an engineer if you've proven yourself within the organization. In my opinion, Sarens remains that no-nonsense company...

"You get a lot of opportunities at Sarens but you need to seize it "

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I’m at my happiest when…

Well, not necessarily when I can come to work at Sarens (laughs). Although I genuinely think and hope that I can retire here… My true happiness comes from working on my trains. Steam trains, that’s my passion! Sarens knows that and also takes it into account. While you may be required to leave for work at a moment’s notice, Sarens certainly respect your need for time off to pursue other passions. That’s something I truly appreciate. You give some, you get some.

Working at Sarens is like…

Taking an open book exam. You don’t need to know everything yet, but you must have the will to find out. There are different ways: asking experienced colleagues, Google, trial and error… You must have the desire to know and demonstrate perseverance.

Who are the people who fit well in Sarens, according to you?

Those who can think outside the box and are willing to go beyond the ordinary 9-to-5 mentality to tackle challenges head-on. Individuals who are eager to learn, and who have an interest in big machines and in the heavy industry. But most importantly, people who work with passion. Working with passion is what makes the job enjoyable and fulfilling. Those who take pride in their job, seeking fulfillment beyond just a good paycheck.


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