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“I'm here to pass on knowledge but above all passion for the job!”

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Jean-Pierre Verbeke

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Technical Solutions Manager / Coach



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We believe we're not exaggerating when we say that Jean-Pierre is a sort of godfather of Samoco. With over 43 years of experience under his belt, he is invaluable to our subsidiary Samoco (specialised in industrial assembly, industrial relocation, and port crane services). We can best describe Jean-Pierre as a driven and straightforward coach. In his free time, he used to ride a lot with the motto and participated in many team sports, like volleyball and basketball. He also tried his hand at playing darts in a club. Nowadays, he enjoys going out for a good dinner and indulges in activities like cycling and swimming.

Can you outline your career steps at Samoco?

After following my secondary education “Mechanics” and completing my military service, I started my journey at Samoco as an Assembler/Welder, at an age of 19 years. Accidentally, I started here, I just wanted to work. They told me to forget about my degrees for a while and focus on practical learning on the job. I worked 2,5 years via interim and then I became responsible for four people, two of whom were older than me. After 5 years, I ended up being employed permanently and I was promoted to Chief Assembler, today it is called a Foreman. As a Foreman, I gained experience working abroad, overseeing both permanent yards and dispatched teams. Thereafter I became Project Leader, but after a while my engagement in sales gradually grew. I took on the responsibility of mentoring Sem Bracke, facilitating his transition into our new Operations Manager. With age and experience, they recognized the value of me sharing my knowledge within the company and they asked me to become a Technical Solutions Manager. In this position I’m dedicated to support others with technical challenges and I love it. I am at my best when others are stressed.

"I'm dedicated to support others with technical challenges and I love it."

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Why have you been working for us for so long?

From the very beginning, the job kept me captivated because of the promising career opportunities and the competitive salary. And that has remained the case. Moreover, there’s a significant degree of autonomy / freedom. If you are capable, they leave you alone and they give you the chance to prove yourself. The approach is not suited for everyone of course. Additionally, the job offers a great deal of variety. It is never the same: even if you assemble a thank ten times, it’s always in a different way with its own challenges. The rise of the computer has also changed a lot, which fascinated me. That's why I took the initiative to learn how to use drawing programs independently, studying at home and seeking guidance at the office. Sem taught me how to operate these programs, and in turn, I imparted my knowledge to him on assembly techniques.

"There's a significant degree of autonomy."

You are also the coach of Samoco. What does this mean?

Coaching people is my cup of tea. I am good at explaining technical things and derive great satisfaction from sharing my knowledge. However, my goal isn’t to create replicas of myself, I aim to pass on knowledge and, above all, passion for the job and the industry. I provide guidance and support to supervisors and foremen, ensuring that nobody is left behind. I prioritize this aspect of my role, making time for it alongside my other responsibilities. However, coaching alone isn't enough to keep me engaged; I thrive on challenges and enjoy staying informed about all operational aspects. Additionally, I actively contribute to problem-solving discussions in operations, and collaborating with the sales team in tender phase when necessary.

"Ensuring nobody is left behind"

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What are the less enjoyable aspects of working at Samoco?

Working long hours was a regular occurrence for me, often at the expense of spending time with my family. While it allowed me to earn a good income, it sometimes meant missing out on important moments with my loved ones. There were occasions when I had to cancel plans with my wife, like motorcycle rides, because of work commitments. I am grateful for my wife's unwavering support throughout these times. It’s a choice we made as a family. Times have also changed. As a service provider, especially in operations, flexibility is a requirement. However, over time, this has become less extreme, and more consideration is given to people’s personal preferences, to the extent possible

Personally, I don’t mind putting in the hours, because I love my job. I can work until the minute I go to bed. However, when I decide it's time to call it a day, I can switch off completely. Some say I treat Samoco as my own company, and indeed, it has become a significant part of my life. I can’t quite explain how deeply rooted it is in me. The idea of retirement is daunting because I know I’m going to miss it!  .

"Personally, I don't mind putting in the hours, because I love my job."


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