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“I've never had to change employer because I have been given every opportunity within Sarens.”

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Pieter Augustyns

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Managing Director



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Sarens Projects - HUB 2

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Let us introduce to you: Pieter, an ambitious man, driven by results. Armed with a master’s degree in construction, he embarked on his journey at Sarens, shaping his own path by gaining experience and tackling one challenge after another. Today, he stands as the Deputy Managing Director of Sarens Projects HUB 2. With his commercial flair, he secures impressive deals; with his analytical skills, he maintains oversight. A natural leader with lots of business insight and dedication, a driving force behind the evolution of Sarens Projects HUB2.

How did you end up at Sarens?

A friend of my sister told me about Sarens. At the time, I applied to two crane companies. Ultimately, I chose Sarens, due to its international presence.

Two crane companies, but actually it was a coincidence. I had done an internship in road construction, so I also could have pursued a career in that field instead. However, I ended up at Sarens, and after all these years, I still have no regrets!


“After all these years, I still have no regrets!"

Can you briefly describe your career at Sarens from the beginning.

After completing my master’s degree in Construction in 2004, I began my career at Sarens as a Project Coordinator. In this role, I managed project preparation, engineering, financial/commercial follow-up, and even execution, under the guidance of a senior Project Manager. I then transitioned to Application Engineering, where I was responsible for designing and presenting commercial and technical solutions. Subsequently, I returned to project management as a Project Coordinator and later as a Senior Project Manager for large international projects. In 2011, I was appointed Manager of the crane department. In 2014, I embraced a unique opportunity to relocate with my family to Norway for three years, initially as a Business Unit Manager, and later as Country Manager. Amazing experience! Upon returning to Belgium in 2016, I took on the role of Regional Sales Manager. Seven years later, I was promoted to Deputy Managing Director for Sarens Projects EU & LATAM, supporting Carl Sarens in overseeing Sarens Projects HUB 2.

Throughout my journey, I’ve never felt the need to seek opportunities elsewhere, as Sarens has always provided me with opportunities for growth and development. So, I never changed employers, because I have been given all the opportunities within Sarens.

"I never felt the need to seek opportunities elsewhere...."

How would you describe Sarens to someone unfamiliar with our activities?

Imagine a scene where telescopic cranes are being prepared for departure on one side (crane rental business), while on the other side, you witness large-scale projects in progress. On the project side, a client approaches us with a challenge: they have something heavy, large, and/or complex that needs to be moved for a specific purpose. This is where Sarens steps in. We specialize in devising high-quality, efficient, and safe solutions for heavy lifting and engineered transport projects. With an extensive toolbox of equipment and a team of passionate experts, we handle everything from engineering solutions to execution, ensuring the successful completion of each project from start to finish.

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What's remarkable about what we do?

It's incredibly visual. You witness movement, tangible results right before your eyes. For individuals driven by results and craving tangible outcomes, it's truly fantastic! You are challenged by a technical request and you come up with an efficient and safe solution. You calculate it, you organise it, and then you execute it. Every step is visible and impactful. Projects are executed swiftly, not over months, but relatively fast. As a Project Manager you manage multiple projects simultaneously, each with its unique challenges, clients, equipment, and even cultural aspects in international projects. No two projects are alike. At Sarens, variety is guaranteed!

Furthermore, the first time you stand next to a Sarens machine, it’s like “wow”, and that remains. A cc88 is just huge, and remains huge. Whether it’s moving a bridge of 3000T or handling a Sarens Giant Crane, it’s impressive business that captures the imagination.

"You witness movement, tangible results right before your eyes."

What do you like/dislike most about your job?

I appreciate the level of autonomy I have. The freedom to shape my role, and the latitude to continue my personal development has been present since the beginning and remains unchanged. However, with freedom also comes responsibility. While it’s empowering, it may not be suited for everyone. There’s an encouragement to go beyond what’s asked. There is room for mistakes, but you need to learn from it.

I can’t provide a straightforward answer to what I dislike the most. To be honest, there’s a lot of hard work involved at Sarens, and there are certain expectations. However, personally, I don’t mind. I’m willing to open my computer on a Saturday or a Sunday if necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the business or to provide a customer with an answer. We are a service provider, so for me it’s simply part of the nature of the business. There is simply a lot of passion within the company, with many intrinsically motivated individuals who ensure the job gets done and take pride in their achievements at the end of the day.

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What do you like / dislike about Sarens as an employer?

The Sarens family exhibits a remarkable passion for the company, resulting in highly involved management. Their recent decision to repurchase the remaining 20% of the company shares, making it 100% family-owned again, instills a great deal of trust. Another thing I appreciate is the open-door policy. You can approach everyone with questions or concerns, even the Sarens family or management members in general. The doors are always open, but it’s you who need to knock on the door and ask the questions!

"The door is always open"

Some people describe Sarens as “structured chaos”. How do you perceive it?

Maybe you can describe it that way, but honestly I think it’s our strength. Implementing a rigid structure can hinder flexibility, which is essential in our dynamic project environment as a service provider. Our strength lies in our ability to adapt quickly, definitely as a family-owned business! By minimizing administrative burdens while maintaining progress, we retain the flexibility needed to excel. Sarens operates as a flat organisation, facilitating agility and efficiency.

Tell us about some of your most interesting projects.

We’ve been involved in a variety of fascinating projects, each presenting unique challenges and requiring innovative solutions. For instance, we’ve worked on projects like the SGC-90 (nicknamed Little Celeste) in Operation Chagall, as well as the load-out operations for the Fécamp offshore wind farm. I find projects in the offshore wind industry and renewables particularly intriguing due to the industry, their complexity and the impact.

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Which remarkable moment at Sarens will you never forget?

I'll never forget my first major lift. The tension you feel right before the lift, the kick you experience during and after… That’s incredibly satisfying. Certainly, my unforgettable experience in Norway with my family is worth mentioning as well.

In general, you experience things that other people don’t. Flying over the desert in a helicopter to a specific project in the middle of nowhere, but also learning to speak French on a project in France.

"I'll never forget my first major lift!"

What is your favourite Sarens’ equipment and why?

SPMTs / Kamags. They’re the most modular equipment we have, offering the greatest adaptability and creating numerous possibilities to deliver efficient solutions to our clients.

Who are the people who fit well at Sarens, according to you?

People who embody the mentality of “Feet in the mud, head in the clouds”. At Sarens, it’s important to stay grounded and humble, while also being entrepreneurial, taking ownership, and seeking opportunities for personal development. People who are passionate about their work!

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