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Why join us?


Sarens is a global market leader with the personal touch of a local company, offering you a unique working environment that truly combines the best of both worlds (1). We provide (technical) challenging roles in a dynamic heavy industry, bringing you variety and visible results (2). In return, we offer competitive compensation packages and locally defined benefits (3). Importantly, you get the chance to own your future at Sarens (4). We understand that, to excel in your role, you need the freedom to do your best work. That is why we encourage ownership, provide you with the necessary training and allow you to shape your own path within our organisation. With a shared mindset of "Nothing too heavy, Nothing too high", we work collaboratively to accomplish projects safely and with quality, celebrating our achievements and giving back to society (5).

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Rise to the challenge and own your future.
Exciting work adventures ahead!


Sarens offers you a unique combination: the benefits of a local company (e.g. an informal atmosphere, a strong sense of freedom …), coupled with the advantages of an international market leader (e.g. risk diversification, career opportunities …). You experience the personalized approach of a local business, while simultaneously enjoying the opportunities, resources and international connections of a multinational. That way, we provide you with a work environment where you can truly enjoy “the best of both worlds”, while owning your future.

Additionally, Sarens is a 100% family-owned company, with headquarters located in Belgium. A dedicated and committed management with expertise and short decision lines are assured!

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Local company


The combination of different elements results in unique and satisfying jobs across all Sarens' departments.

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Nearly every role at Sarens offers you a lot of variety, with no strict limits or boundaries. Our goal is to 'get the job done', and how you achieve it is often your call. This way, you have the freedom to leave your mark on our organisation.

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In every role, you can own your future, our future, and the future! You can make a substantial impact by shaping your own path, co-creating Sarens 2.0, driving innovation in the heavy lifting sector, and contributing to our purpose of rising to every challenge and facilitating change in the world!

slider imageBIG MACHINES

The bigger, the better? At Sarens we boast a rich fleet of state-of-the-art equipment, including mobile cranes, lattice boom cranes, SPMTs, gantries, strand jacks, jacking systems, barges … and, of course, our own developed SGCs. They are already remarkable to look at, let alone to operate!

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At Sarens, we guarantee you exciting challenges! Our international organisational structure and the dynamic industry in which we operate, require flexibility and resilience. Our clients’ requests continually challenge us to create, engineer, and execute customised solutions! So, let’s rise to every challenge together and enjoy the journey.


Sarens has a pretty impressive core business, which is fantastic! Regardless of your role, it is very fulfilling to see how everyone's hard work comes together in successful projects. Amazing pictures as proud mementos!

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Depending on your position, you might find yourself in the office, adopting a flexible hybrid working model, working on site nationally or internationally, or a combination. With our diverse (inter)national projects spanning various sectors, you will find yourself in places you have never imagined.

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3. You give some, you get some

At Sarens, we value your commitment and effort, expressing our gratitude through competitive compensation and a range of benefits. We are committed to support our employees in both their professional and personal spheres, offering flexible rewards that extend beyond just financial incentives.

In embracing the diversity within our global team, we customize compensation packages to align with local standards and practices in each specific region. Our commitment to fairness in compensation and equal pay spans all levels, reinforced by internal fairness and external benchmarking. This ensures that market rates align with the recognition of skills, experience, and performance, maintaining a commitment to just compensation across the board.

You can expect:

Fair compensation and regular internal and external benchmarking

Tailored benefits to your professional- and personal needs

Non-financial perks aiming to motivate and focus on wellbeing

A great team with a lot of learning- and growth possibilities

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The top reason why people love working at Sarens is the level of freedom or autonomy they experience within their job and throughout the organisation. However, along with this freedom also comes a significant degree of responsibility. We thrive in a dynamic work environment that demands resilience and ownership - either you love it or you hate it.

We firmly believe in granting you the space to take ownership, contribute your ideas, and leave your mark. While we equip you with the necessary tools and training, you are the one in the driver’s seat. It is your initiative that is the driving force behind your growth and your career journey within Sarens. #OwnYourFuture


In the world of heavy lifting, there are no conventional schools to attend. That is why training and development hold a special place at Sarens. Our in-house training centres offer a wide range of high-quality training programs, allowing you to obtain essential certificates. We provide basic and advanced equipment training, soft skills courses and workshops, personalized (internal or external) training on request … and, of course, a lot of on-the-job training. Because, in the field, that is where the most valuable learning happens!

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With a proven record of achievement, determination, and a dash of patience … the career opportunities within Sarens are endless. Here, nothing is set in stone. Instead, growth is an organic journey, with you in the driver’s seat, charting your own course.

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Project Engineer
Equipment Engineer
Fleet Manager TS
“Life at Sarens is like taking an open book exam.”
Wim CharitaFleet Manager Technical Solutions
Truck Driver & Crane Operator
“I'm proud to take ownership of the opportunities I'm given here.”
Stijn De WeerdtTruck Driver and Crane Operator
Technician > Field Service Technician
“At Sarens, you get a lot of opportunities to learn new things.”
Steven Van den BrandeField Service Technician
Project Coordinator
Project Manager
Manager Crane Dep.
BU Manager Norway
Country Manager Norway
Regional Sales Manager
Managing Director SP
“I have never had to change employer because I have been given every opportunity within Sarens.”
Pieter AugustynsManaging Director

5. Team Blue

"Nothing too heavy, Nothing too high" is not just our tagline, it is the way we behave as Team Blue. It is nice to work with colleagues who share the same ambitions, fostering a sense of camaraderie in an informal setting. We acknowledge that the journey is not always smooth sailing; it involves hard work, unexpected challenges, and the inevitable highs and lows. Yet, we persevere together, conquering difficulties, supporting one another, and celebrating successes.

Additionally, our culture is characterized by fostering an informal atmosphere that embraces diversity and inclusion, prioritizing safety, and our dedication to social corporate responsibility in our actions.

#Nothing too heavy, Nothing too high

In this hardworking environment, we strive to balance dedication, attention to wellbeing, and a lot of fun along the way! Our exceptional projects and their visible, remarkable results underscore the extraordinary journey we embark on together.


As a global company, Sarens takes pride in its diverse and inclusive culture. We welcome all people, no further elaboration needed. In a business where men may still outnumber women, we are committed to an equal workplace. We actively drive initiatives like our Sarens Women Magazine to foster this inclusivity. We believe that our diverse team is a source of strength, driving innovation and contributing to even greater success!


Beyond our devotion to rise to the challenge and facilitate change in the world, we also want to commit to sustainability and positive social impact through some direct efforts. We aim to diminish our environmental footprint via green initiatives (e.g. developing our electrical crane SGC-90, solar panels …), support education (e.g. internships and school visits), and fund charities (e.g. 'De Warmste Week' in Belgium, 'Macmillan cancer support' in the UK …).


No sugarcoating here: we work hard at Sarens. Some roles offer a good work-life balance, while others require intense dedication, flexibility, and passion. While we work hard, we maintain a human organisation that values flexibility as a shared principle. We recognise the importance of good health for both you and your loved ones. That’s why we actively contribute to overall wellbeing by providing the necessary tools and resources, creating ergonomic workplaces, and supporting local initiatives such as the “R U OK” campaign in Australia, yoga sessions in India, and sport events in Belgium.

slider imageFOCUS ON SAFETY

While we have a devoted SHEQ Team, we emphasize that safety is a shared responsibility. We equip our team with the right tools and personal protective equipment, conduct regular safety toolbox meetings and workplace inspections, and provide comprehensive training to ensure everyone's safety. So, if you want to join Team Blue, a safety-oriented mindset needs to be in check! #BeSafe

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Work hard, play hard. While we are committed to delivering our best on the job, we also recognise the importance of building strong bonds beyond work and celebrating the little moments of joy. This includes informal chats at the coffee machine, international department gatherings, and local initiatives such as sport events, a yearly ski trip, barbecues, and festivities (New Year, Christmas, Sint-Elooi, Diwali …). Plus, a well-deserved beer from time to time to toast to another project accomplishment!

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“It’s still a man’s world but it definitely doesn’t have to be!”
Annemie Van de VeldeCrane operator


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